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Tim Reedman

Specialist Maritime Financial Planning Advice

Success in the Superyacht industry is all about planning. Be it itineraries, stores, crew, charts, or even the contingency plans making sure that the guests have all of their needs catered for. As officers and crew, you do this with purpose, skill and efficiency and ensure that the owner’s trip, or charter, runs as smoothly as possible. But how much time do you have, to look into planning your own financial future?

We work alongside renowned industry experts, such as the Warsash Superyacht Academy, Wilsonhalligan Yacht Recruitment, Spencer Buley Group and Cyber Prism Maritime. Our industry experience means we see the bigger picture: we understand how busy you are, how little time you have to be dealing with your finances in your home country, how your career may progress and what the potential earnings are in each specific role. We work alongside you to build a professional and structured plan to help look after your financial future, whilst you concentrate on your career.

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